Welcome and thank you for visiting my site, I am Alexandra of NJMistress.com

I would like to personalize this site a let you know a little about who I am.
I have been in the adult industry for the past 10 years and quickly learned that this was my niche.
Making others feel good was something that came natural to me.

Over the years in this industry, I have learned of the many different pushings people have.
Many of these pushing are kept close to the vest or should I say tucked away in the mind. I feel it
is best to indulge in your fantasy or fetish. Suppressing a desire only leads to another path that
may not be as rewarding. So, I like to think of myself as a therapist promoting positive pushing’s.

I am passionate woman who is very comfortable in her own skin. I believe in paying it forward.
It takes a minute to be nice or do something nice for someone and is so much more rewarding,
than feel any of those negative feelings (Which I will not even mention). No time for negativity!!!!
I believe in lifting people up rather than pull them down.

I’m 45 years young and workout on a daily basis. Working out to me is similar to masturbating
or having sex. The rush that you get from doing either have the same effect. 1. Releases good
endorphins to give you more energy as well as promotes positive thinking. 2. It Burns calories,
so my belief is that, if you masturbated or had sex once, twice, three times a day…. You would be
a HAPPY and SKINNIER person. With releasing all those good endorphins you will not be visiting
the Dr. as much. Stress is a huge contributor to illness and sex and or masturbation is a stress
reliever. I guess, you can tell I have a good sense of humor, I love comedy, love to laugh! I feel it is
good medicine for the soul.

Therefore, I invite you to join my adult Disneyland(“where dreams come true”), as I like to call it.
It is my goal to have you enjoy and crave to come back for more.

The past 10 years in this industry, I have been blessed with meeting some incredible people.
I personally want to thank everyone that has remained with me through all of my changes
over that time. Thank you for your patience, support as well as you is on going friendship.


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